Abused Pitbull found eating garbage in cemetery adopted by Dave Bautista

David melted as he saw the puppy racing in his direction.

After being adopted by the actor Dave Bautista, a 3-month-old pit bull puppy that had a rough start in life would never need anything. The ex-wrestler, who has a soft spot for pit bulls, called the shelter right after to offer help after learning about Sage’s predicament.

Sage was taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay after being found by a Good Samaritan eating rubbish in a local cemetery (HSTB). The lady discovered the woman was wearing a metal chain around her neck when the adorable dog approached her. She hurriedly brought the puppy to the HSTB for help.

Sage was getting ready for surgery to have the chain around her neck removed after being examined by the medical team while wagging her tail the entire time. In addition to the chain, we saw that Sage also has overgrown nails and skin issues. We have no idea who may have done this to her, the shelter said.

David Bautista was one of several who volunteered to foster the adorable youngster or expressed interest in adopting her if she recovered.

David was enraged that someone could torture the vulnerable dog and pledged he would personally provide $5,000 cash to the person who gave information that led to an arrest and conviction. In addition to the $1,500 provided by HSTB and the $5,000 supplied by Alvarez Injury Law, he will also receive a prize for finding the cruel individual.

David had a tough demeanor, but he melted when he saw the puppy sprinting at him. As the Sage drew near, he chuckled and grinned widely.

He stroked the dog’s head and they instantly became great friends. But not only Dave is thrilled to welcome his newest family member.

Sage beams with joy while she’s in her new dad’s arms. The shelter shared the great news that Sage had been adopted with their Facebook fans.

David realized Sage belonged with him after hearing Sage’s story. We’re overjoyed for Sage!

The little puppy now goes by Penny, and she will join Dave’s other two pit bulls that he has rescued. In a video he released on Instagram introducing Penny to his followers, he cuddled his new pet and stated, “She’s about to live her greatest puppy life ever.

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