After finally being rescued the sweet dog simply couldn’t stop smiling and wagging her tail

When Leilani Wong and her husband stopped at a gas station, they were traveling.

The woman immediately observed a dog standing close to the car and grinning as they waited for the tank to fill.

“She halted in front of our automobile when she was strolling close to the petrol station. She was simply grinning at me,” Wong reported.

On that particular day, it was rather warm. They made the decision to inquire about the adorable dog’s ownership among the local populace.

The dog, however, turned out to be utterly alone and had no one in this world to look after her.

The dog appeared to be so appreciative of the food and water that she could not stop wagging her tail.

The dog was overjoyed by even that modest gesture of goodwill.

The couple decided to keep the puppy, whom they named Kaya, with them until they could find her shelter.

They went back to their house in Washington with the dog. She followed them everywhere they went like a little magnet.

They took the puppy to the vet the following day for all the required examinations.

After being saved from her lonely and depressing life, Kaya was so overjoyed that she couldn’t help but smile constantly.

They had intended to abandon the dog at the shelter, but after growing close to him, they concluded they should keep him permanently.

Without a doubt, Kaya had the finest possible outcome when that occurred.

He had the most loving family ever, and he felt like the happiest dog in the entire world.

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