An Australian woman keeps a giant spider in her house for about a year already treating her as a pet…

The one you see on your screens currently resides in Australia with Annette Grey, despite the fact that she is seen as an unwanted visitor by the majority of us.

She cares for this spider like it’s a pet. The enormous spider, Charlotte, even has a name. She entered by mistake one day and made the decision to remain there permanently.

Charlotte, according to Gray’s son, is a real huntsman spider that typically becomes fairly enormous but is actually extremely amiable.

Given that these spiders are not dangerous to people, Jake’s mother agreed to let Charlotte stay in her home.

“Over the course of a year, we have seen this spider develop, and during that time, it has never troubled us. She even moves from room to room while eating all the crumbs as she travels around the home.”

Charlotte measures 15 cm, or six inches, in width. Annette also stated in her letter that she believes Charlotte will continue to grow.

Some of the pals, however, jokingly advise setting the house on fire to get rid of the giant and perpetually ponder how it is possible to have such a “pet.”

Not just among their friends, but also around the world, it created a lot of commotion. Charlotte was fortunate to land in this home, where she is really accepted and cherished.

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