Because of people’s cruelty, the poor dog crawled asking for help, and finally, someone noticed her… (video)

Nancy was disabled as a result of a very traumatic past.

She was squirming around the junkyard while being enclosed in a shard of broken glass and metal.

The bleeding continued. She saw tears in his eyes, but she wasn’t ready to quit.

The poor puppy was eventually discovered, and someone immediately took him to the hospital.

The video that follows demonstrates Nancy’s hospital stay.

She made the best of her efforts to accept her paralysis despite how difficult it was.

She had to undergo a challenging procedure to repair her broken spine.

However, Nancy’s motions were extremely restricted, and her back legs did not move at all.

Her rescuers sent her to a rehabilitation facility for more care after the operation.

She received regular massages and water treatment while also exercising on the treadmill, which helped Nancy’s front legs gradually become better. Her back legs, though, were mostly motionless.

The rescuers found it difficult to witness the adorable girl’s suffering, so they brought a wheelchair for her, which allowed her to play with other dogs right away.

Nancy is currently receiving physical therapy, and she has already begun to make encouraging motions with her back legs.

She is now able to move about without a wheelchair. Nancy is a very courageous dog, and we are certain that she will soon make a full recovery and find her permanent home.

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