Brave dog saves owner from a mountain lion attack

My dog is my hero.

Like one brave dog that fought off an oncoming mountain lion to save her owner’s life.

Dogs become such loyal and kind friends. They have a keen sense of intuition and are always ready to respond when their owners ask for help, even when doing so puts them in danger. like one courageous dog that successfully repelled a mountain lion that was coming at her, saving her owner’s life in the process.

In Trinity County, California, Erin Wilson’s beloved pet, Belgian Malinois Eva, is a 2.5-year-old dog. The two were only having a nice stroll by the river when the tranquil day soon became a battle for their lives.

According to the Sacramento Bee, a mountain lion lunged at Erin while howling and ripping a hole in her jacket. Erin called for Eva’s help because no one else was close, and the faithful dog ran over.

Erin claimed that Eva boldly challenged the mountain lion, “hitting that creature extremely hard,” and diverting the huge cat’s focus away from Erin. But because it was outmatched, the mountain lion “latched on to her head,” putting the dog through a dreadful agony. Erin promptly returned the favor to the enormous cat, which then attacked her with rocks and sticks in retaliation.

Erin then yelled for help from a passing automobile, which subsequently pepper sprayed the wild animal to scatter it. Eva was finally freed by the mountain lion, but not before the dog suffered severe head injuries. Erin reported to the Sacramento Bee that the woman “had a couple of puncture wounds in her face.” Additionally, blood was just coming out of her lips.

Despite the situation appearing bleak, Eva was rushed to the hospital, and the courageous dog lived. To help with Eva’s medical costs, Erin started a GoFundMe page. According to Erin, her hero is recovering and the medical staff is “optimistic.

“Eva saved her owner’s life despite sustaining severe injuries. Capt. Patrick Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife stated, “I think it’s safe to say the dog definitely saved her life.

“The GoFundMe post by Erin stated, “My puppy is my hero, and I owe her my life.”

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