Deserted pup carries empty bowl from door to door with the hope that somebody will feed him (video)

We all hope that this touching video will be a motive for people to watch out at their surroundings to save the stray pups.

When performing research for the project for the American Strays Project, a group of volunteers who want to raise awareness about stray dogs, came across a particularly distressing photograph in the Detroit region.

In the video below, a dog is seen traveling from home to house while carrying an empty bowl in the hopes that someone will give him a hand.

Throughout the duration of his journey, he required someone to feed him. Nevertheless, because humans have abandoned this place entirely, there is no chance.

He was followed by the volunteers who ultimately stuffed his dish with food and made sure he had access to plenty of water.

Also, they saw to it that all of the stray animals in the area were cared for in the following stages.

Many people mistakenly believe that strays can find food on their own or find someone to feed them, but that isn’t always the case.

We all hope that seeing this wonderful movie will encourage others to be aware of their surroundings and help stray animals.

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