He was broken in the jaw and thrown out of a moving car, but he still gave kisses

His health is currently on the mend.

Otto the dog and his sisters and sisters were left on the side of the road. Otto’s two shattered jaws were causing him tremendous agony, and his siblings all seemed disturbed and bloated. The rescuers believe that the garbage was dropped out of a car, according to ilovemydogsomuch. In this clip, Otto is seen resting in the arms of his nurse after undergoing surgery.

Otto has a lot of love to give to everyone around him despite having a horrible beginning in life. He is ready to kiss a care staff member when they show them affection, even though moving his mouth must have hurt a lot. The monks were worried about Otto’s expenses for his operation and recovery. Numerous beast suckers raced to cover his medical costs after hearing about his tragic story on social media. Thankfully, his surgery was successful, and he is presently recovering from his injuries.

Otto’s littermates all found permanent homes, but the 3-month-old Otto needs particular care while his jaw heals completely. After having his feeding tube removed, he is now able to eat meals on his own.

Soon, he and his foster parents will relocate. We wish Otto, who is strong and kind, a speedy arrival at his heavenly home!

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