Ilya went fishing that day, but he quickly rushed to the shore after hearing a sound

Ilya made the decision to go fishing one morning, but since he wasn’t successful, the young man instead made the decision to go for a walk in the forest.

He heard a voice while he was moving, coming from close to the swamp.

He noticed a large dog there as he drew nearer.

The dog made an attempt to approach the shore at that time, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

He spent so much time there that he was completely worn out.

Even his legs became useless to him. The man hurried to aid the dog after observing everything.

The dog initially had no idea what was going on and was resistant to having his rescuer come close to him.

The dog barely growled at him, but the man quickly pulled him to the shore after realizing that the dog was completely worn out and would not hurt him.

After that, the dog remained motionless for some time. He was struggling to breathe as he lay on the sand.

He finally made an attempt to stand up, gathered his strength, said his goodbyes, and walked away.

Thankfully, a man who was a teacher at the school rescued him in time to save him from drowning.

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