Just look the nature’s drama when elephants crossroads with lions (video)

An elephant orphanage in South Africa called Herd captured the walk home, as they passed a dam on their way home and cast shadows on the water in the sunshine.

Rains only a short while ago filled the dam back up. Each elephant is identified as it enters the frame by the person in front of the camera.

The gang is led by Pisa, with Sebakwe acting as the caboose.
Moreover, Sebakwe is the largest elephant in the herd. Khanyisa is the tiniest animal in the herd.

While the other animals are eating grass, she is still being fed through a bottle. They encounter many zebras and a lion pride that is lounging next to a tree as they make their way to the farm.

They are almost 100 meters from the lions, but nothing occurs. Respond had three milk bottles prepared for Khanyisa when they got to the farm.

In great excitement, she gallops over to him, snatches the first one, consumes it, and then moves on to the other two. Khsnyisa may be seen in the background enjoying herself with the caregiver’s foot after swallowing three bottles.

She giggles and they carry Khanyisa onto the grassy area where the other elephants are waiting for her.

She takes a snack with her and eats it as she travels.

It is really inspiring to observe the keepers of these creatures. Share this video to express your gratitude.

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