Mysterious objects that our grandparents used with might and main (photos)

Over the past half-century, progress has accelerated a thousandfold. Things have time to go into production, become popular, become obsolete, and go into oblivion in a matter of years. A grandson often simply cannot recognize the object used by his grandparents. So topics are multiplying on the Web, where people are trying to determine what kind of curiosity they found in the basement or in the attic. And the most interesting mysterious objects from the Internet are collected in our today’s article!

Mysterious objects and their everyday purpose

Two rings, two ends…

10 cm long on one side, 8 on the other. It Unbends to a 90-degree angle. There are ribbed edges in the hole at the smaller end.

This is a very old bubble stick. Probably made in the 17th century.

What a sun!

Help me identify this thing! I have no idea why it’s needed…

You’re holding a rotating tie hanger that fits into the wall.

Note to an office worker

Bought a new shirt. Together with her, I was given this little bag. What are they needed for?

Padding to keep the collar of the shirt always tight.

What is that rusty thing bolted to my porch?

Can opener.

That’s how it is…

Found this in the office. I don’t understand why it is needed. Only a millimeter thick, by the way!

You dug up a special key for toilet paper holders.

But a good idea!

I don’t understand what it is. Hour twisted-spin-thinking never thought of anything!

Special tongs for hot jars and other utensils. Not to burn your hands.

And there was such a need …

It’s clearly not scissors. But it is metal and opens and closes with a noticeable click.

A very clever candle extinguishing cap made back in the Victorian era!

Here are the entertainers!

Found on a walk. It looks like some kind of small club, but the rings are not removed from the top.

This is molinillo, a traditional South American cocoa, and chocolate beater.

Looks biting!

What is a hemisphere? Looks creepy.

These are used to gently remove the top from hard-boiled eggs.

Interesting tradition

I found it when I was raking out junk deposits in the attic. Wooden; apparently handmade.

Before you is an African double spoon of Yakub, a traditional symbol of hospitality among some tribes.

Yes, this is a collection of curiosities! Such mysterious objects will unwittingly make anyone wonder about their true purpose.

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