Rescued Baby Elephant Adores Taking Baths (video)

The instant Chuba, a charming young elephant, stepped into a tank of water, she knew it was something she would surely want to experience again.

Mother of Chaba was made to do circus acts, paint portraits, and ride bicycles. If the rescuers hadn’t stepped in, Chaba too would have ended up in this terrible scenario.

The director of the rescue squad said, “The moment we found out about Chabe and her mother, we dispatched a team to the camp to help them. “What we witnessed was utterly distressing. They were both in a concrete enclosure, with the mother attached to a short chain. It was clear that they required immediate assistance.”

In September, the rescuers secured their release.

The rescuer replies, “We believe it would be best if they walked to the sanctuary themselves.”

After being greeted, they gave Chaba a bath and were astonished by the baby’s reaction to such a simple act of kindness.
“Chaba loves the water without a doubt. She didn’t stop splashing the water or coming to her mother for consolation.

Living in freedom is what Chaba and her mother are now enjoying the most. Nothing in the world makes her as happy as being in the sea.

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