Sheba the doggie who had been stolen so many years ago flew 600 miles to reunite with his beloved family

Stephanie merely believed it was a prank when she was told that her dog had been discovered and was 600 miles away. It seems so unattainable.

She believed that someone was tricking her, yet everything was real.

Sheba’s microchip assisted the authorities in identifying him, despite Sheba’s owner’s skepticism.

But when they video-called her, it was shocking, to say the least when she saw Sheba. Indeed, that was his dog.

The charity Pilots N Paws, which is devoted to preserving animals, was eager to take the puppy home.

Sheba quickly left for home in the air as a result. For so long, they had been anticipating that day.

Stephanie absolutely couldn’t believe her eyes when Sheba arrived. She had been looking for her puppy for such a long time.

Sheba was bouncing with joy because he was so thrilled.

He had all he needed for complete happiness since he was at last at home, safe in the arms of his loved ones.

Each and every person who saved Steph’s puppy and made sure he arrived home safely has her deepest gratitude.

It was the happiest and most thrilling day of her life.

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