Steve Irwin’s son posted such a sweet selfie with his friend that it made millions of people smile

This is Robert Irwin, who really likes animals and has a strong passion for them, much like his well-known father.

Robert and his family, who reside in an Australian zoo, devote the majority of their time to research, education and creating initiatives to protect animals.

The family enjoys spending time with their amazing animals, which they have a lot of.

For instance, Robert just shared a hilarious photo with one of his gorgeous pals on his Twitter account.

Their selfie was so adorable that it quickly became popular online. People from all around the world kept sending the humorous couple’s kind remarks because they just couldn’t stop laughing.

Even beyond the screen, they were adept at conveying positive sentiments and making others happy.

The amazing selfie was so well-liked that Robert’s mother quickly shared it again, this time with a hilarious remark.

Robert’s compassion for animals and demonstration that he is genuinely his father’s son—both physically and spiritually—moved others to tears.

Robert frequently updates the Internet with stunning images of animals in addition to giving visitors news and information about the zoo.

The Australia Zoo has a wide variety of animals, including these lovely kangaroos, which you can also view here, despite its major emphasis on reptiles.

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