The cat, who has become an integral part of her sisters’ school, also gets her own photo in the classroom

The mother of the children undoubtedly anticipated seeing gorgeous pictures of her kids when it came time to retrieve the pictures.

But when she got a photo that made her laugh a lot, she was astonished.

The problem is that there are images of their cat in addition to those of her two children.

It turns out that day’s photos also included their 5-year-old cat, Ziggy. Their cat was determined to follow in his sisters’ footsteps of adventure.

Ziggy had chosen to attend school on the day of the photograph alongside 8-year-old Chloe and 11-year-old Megan, as the mother subsequently learned.

Consequently, when it was time to take photos, the photographers also invited the cat to join them. The adorable kitty was undoubtedly ready for it.

In fact, the cat liked to follow his sisters around the school grounds and would hang out until their courses were over.

Emma, however, was truly taken aback because she had not anticipated that their cat would join their school.

Her eyes suddenly started to tear up as her children told her what occurred at school that day.

The cat got up on the chair and prepared to wait when he heard the call to snap a picture.

It was unnecessary to nag or persuade him. He seems to have gone there specifically for that purpose.

Everyone knows the cat extremely well because he frequents the area daily, and they all adore him.

He attends each lesson and chooses where to sleep.

Even the principal is unbothered by his visits and permits him to sleep on his desk.

The adorable animal is welcomed as a member of the community by everyone there.

Ziggy’s presence there also benefits a lot of kids without dogs. He now plays a role in the lives of kids.

What a clever feline! He undoubtedly had a great time there, especially on the day of the photo.

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