The curious little kitten appeared in a Japanese office to make sure that everyone there is doing their best

On the basis of their personalities and behaviors, cats are frequently described as cunning and highly haughty, but there is good reason to believe this.

A group of workers at a Japanese business was shocked to observe how an unprovoked kitten attack targeted their workplace.

However, this kitty didn’t go there with the goal to steal anything. He had secretly entered there to conduct surveillance, among other things.

One of the staff members suddenly looked up and noticed a little snout peering at them through an aperture in the ceiling, which led them to realize the surveillance scheme he had devised.

He promptly snapped a picture of the adorable kitty after spotting it and sent it to one of his coworkers.

After viewing it, he posted the adorable photo on his Twitter profile and made a humorous allusion to a security camera.

It was the most bizarre and beautiful tiny camera we’ve ever seen, and its humorous pictures are still making people grin on Twitter.

This cat most likely arrived to make sure that everyone at work was focused and giving it their all.

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