The dog missed his daddy so much, that he decided to send his shirt to his furry friend…

Brindley, their dog, was a little puppy when they first saw him at the shelter.

When they first brought the puppy home, he instantly fell in love with it and bonded with Xander, who cared for him like a brother.

The idea is that J.D., the father, is an army reserve fireman who was once deployed overseas.

Of course, everyone in the family missed him dearly, but Brindle felt the loss of his father the most.

He appeared to be sad and all alone without his father. He began to cry every time he glanced out the window.

When the guy learned of Brindle’s health, he immediately came up with a plan to cheer up his closest buddy.

J.D. mailed his unwashed shirt once. Brindle recognized the garment as JD’s the moment he received it.

The cute dog waggled his tail and rolled over to cuddle with it. The entire family found the situation to be quite distressing.

Even more, Rachel made the decision to film a video and send it to her husband.

Brindley never wore another shirt after that day. Even while he was asleep, he would place it next to him and occasionally wear it.

Fortunately, shortly after that, his father came home. This time, try to picture Brindle’s eagerness. Everyone found it to be really moving.

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