The fox makes friends with the kitten through the window (video)

London resident Jennifer Rutter likes to watch animals from her windows. Since February, a small fox has visited her garden each day. The adorable animal is loved by everyone on their street. 

She describes her as polite and kind. And to make matters worse, she brings gifts and hangs them on the door. She already possesses a toy car, a bag of bread, some stale limes, chicken drumsticks, and a sausage. 

Prior to this week, nobody personally interacted with it. The owner’s pet, Dodo, decided to become the fox’s first friend. When the dog appeared at their office window, the cat jumped to play with it. 

She drew the fox’s attention, and Rutter started to record their conversation. They were bouncing off of each other. 

The fox eventually returned to its natural habitat. The animal appeared to be curious and playful rather than dangerous. The baby got all the attention he wanted from the kitten.

The family looks forward to her future visits and the gifts she will bring.


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