The man amazed everyone with his 2 new friends who don’t want to leave his side anymore.

We consider our friends to be our second family and they are the finest part of our lives.

True friends never abandon us; they always feel our sorrow, rejoice with us, and help us whenever we need it, even when we don’t ask for it.

They always show up at the appropriate time and location.

This individual should be really proud of his pals because so few people are able to forge such wonderful relationships with species that are not known for their friendliness.

As you can see from these pictures, this man actually snapped a shot with his foxes, and everything you see is entirely real and not staged.

Patsy Gibsons is his name, and he has two lovely companions. Grainne and Minnie are them.

When they were young cubs that had been left by their mother, Gibbons came upon them.

He decided to take care of them until they could return to nature, and he reluctantly started to feed them.

The animals quickly healed completely and were in excellent condition, but it appears that they enjoy being around their favorite person so much that they don’t even want to return to the wild.

Instead, they’ve already made the decision to become a compassionate man’s adoptive children.

Local kids are always drawn to all three of them, and it has gotten to the point that schools now frequently encourage the kids to come to view them up close.

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