The mother cat started to show her sweet nature when started realized that all her 6 kittens were in safe hands

The mother, who arrived at the shelter with her six kittens, was in desperate need of help.

When Foster Kitten CO Haidi Shoemaker learned of the mother cats’ situation, she acted quickly to help them and brought the entire family into her care.

They were given a very cozy space by Haidi, where a mother cat cared for and constantly guarded her six young offspring.

She gradually warmed up to her caregivers when she understood that her kittens were secure in their care.

She worked nonstop while being an incredibly loving mother to her children.

When the kittens were old enough and no longer required constant attention, she started to finally unwind in her warm, snug nook and take pleasure in all the delights of it.

The kittens eventually had some digestive issues, though, which required prompt medical attention.

The mother cat and Haidi took care of the kittens in every way to ensure their rapid recovery.

And as soon as their digestive problems were healed, the kittens were more active and mischievous while also putting on weight.

Now that the infants are doing well, Taylor sits and admires them like a proud mother.

After a few weeks in foster care, they are finally prepared to flip the page and begin the next chapter while still awaiting their forever homes.

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