The woman woke up by the loud barking of the rottweiler and immediately rushed to the barn…

Brenda Kramer, a Florida resident, got out of bed early on Sunday.

She was instantly awakened by the rottweiler’s loud barking and enraged growling, and she immediately hurried to the barn because that was where the commotion was coming from.

She was surprised to discover that someone had attempted to take her horses when she went into the stable.

Through a side entrance, they had been able to access the barn.

Her Rottweiler was still barking when the woman arrived, and she immediately realized why the electricity was off.

The Rottweiler was able to halt the invaders and stop them from finishing their operation, thus one of the horses was still bound.

Brenda gave the horses a closer look and saw that they had wounds and scrapes as well.

There is little question that this narrative would have ended much more tragically for the horses if it weren’t for these Rottweilers.

However, one of the burglars stabbed the rottweiler twice, causing him to sustain injuries as well.

The high cost of horsemeat provides a complete explanation for this attack.

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