When the woman looked back to check what her dog was doing, what she saw, just shocked her

He just likes to live outside of all norms and rules.

Despite being a 5-month-old giant dog, Howard doesn’t appear to be used to his continually expanding frame. He enjoys walking with his mum and swimming a lot. This dog is very interested and energetic.

He enjoys exploring every corner of the automobile. The problem is that if the car is stopped at that same time, the seatbelts are unbuckled, he chooses on the spur of the moment to leap into the front seat, and as soon as the car drives, Howard stands on all fours with his head poking out of the roof.

When something in the trunk smells wonderful, Howard flies in there on his front legs with his hind legs dangling over the back seat. He then decides to smell what’s in the trunk. Without asking his parents first, he simply eats whatever tempts him there. Because it was so hilarious, McKenzie’s video circulated quickly and all across the world.

Every day, Howard gains weight and makes everyone laugh with his odd behaviors. He just prefers to live independently of all standards and regulations and pursue his passions.

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