A Policeman Rescued The Donkey And Rode Him In His Patrol Car (video)

When something strange caught her attention in the middle of a highway, Robin Strader was on her way to work. It was a donkey that was staggering over the walkway, she realized. Robin immediately made a police call.
The PD’s Officer Kyle arrived on the scene not long after. Kyle had no idea how he was expected to handle this circumstance. But soon after, he discovered a solution.

Before they decided what to do with the donkey, Robin volunteered to keep her at her home. The donkey eagerly accepted the invitation.
Kyle says, “I mean, of course, I was a little taken aback, but we witness such strange and unexpected things every day while on duty.”

The donkey seems to like the ride in the patrol car a lot.
The most intriguing aspect is that the officer even expressed interest in adopting the donkey because the two were having such a good time in the automobile.

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