Golden Retriever Walked over 60 miles for 2 weeks to get back home (video)

The journey was undoubtedly difficult

Dogs are amazingly devoted, loving, and clever animals. As seen by the tale of Ping An, a Golden Retriever who traveled an astounding 62 miles over the course of two weeks to locate her family, they have the power to astound and move their owners.

Ping An resided in Qidong, Jiangsu, China, with her family. They had to send her to a friend’s house that was two hours away for a few months since their home was being renovated. Despite her best efforts to settle abroad, Ping An started to miss home after four months.

Ping An decided to take matters into her own hands and traveled more than 62 kilometers in two weeks to go back home. Her family had assumed she had fled, but it turned out that she had started her own hiking expedition and had the remarkable fortitude and vigor to finish it.

The story of Ping An is proof of the extraordinary attachment that exists between dogs and their owners as well as the amazing things that these animals are capable of.

The voyage was obviously challenging, and Ping An’s desire to be reunited with her parents required a great lot of will and faith on her side.

Ping An struggled along the street, limping and with bleeding paws, until she reached an office building, where a group of kind staff members rescued her, fed her, and attended to her wounds. WeChat, a well-liked messaging service in China, was used to spread her tale and images, which helped find her owners.

Ping An’s owners expressed remorse for having sent her away and made a commitment to never do so again. Thankfully, she is now healthy and content thanks to the correct medical treatment they received when they took her to the doctor.

You’ve gone through a lot, Ping An. You will now reside with us in our house. They promised their cherished pet, “We won’t ever send you away again.

The heartwarming reunion video may be seen here.

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