Her owners wanted to euthanize her, but the vet didn’t let it happen, giving her a second chance at life…

Even though Lexi Ann’s year couldn’t have started any worse, the brave canine persevered through it all.

She shared a home not only with her family but also with other animals. When a sad event occurred in their family one day, everything was shattered.

The unfortunate puppy nearly perished as their entire home was on fire.

The kennel where the dog was chained literally started to dissolve, allowing her to flee from there.

She sadly endured major burns all over her body despite living.

The other animals, including two cats, a dog, and Lexi’s puppies, were less fortunate and perished in the blaze.

The dog’s owners, however, opted to put the dog to sleep due to her illness and stated that they lacked the funds to care for her.

It turns out that they believed it to be the most practical and ethical choice for the poor dog.

Fortunately, one of the veterinarians disagreed and recommended turning to Ruff Start, which cares for rescued animals with a variety of issues.

They gave Lexi a second chance at life by lovingly adopting him.

After that, the sweet dog was placed with a foster family who helped her heal.

Ruff Start said that despite all of the pain from the terrible burns that covered her body, she still manages to wag her tail and encourage others all day.

In an instant, Travis, a firefighter, was won over by Lexie.

She appeared to have a connection with the puppy right away and knew she had to take her home.

In order to adopt Lexi and introduce her to their other dog, the family even traveled 11 hours. Lexi joined their family permanently and quickly earned their utmost affection as a result.

There isn’t any possible match that is ideal. Travis and Lexi officially adopted a child.

Lexi will soon travel with Travis to a burn camp, where her success in recovering will definitely benefit others.

Being with her family and receiving all of their affection makes Lexi feel wonderful.

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