How You Cross Your Arms – Such is Your Character!

Do you want to know something interesting about yourself? Read our article on sign language. Observe yourself and your interlocutors.

Did you know that body language can tell more about a person than he does? For psychologists who are familiar with him, it is enough to observe a person for a few minutes to form their opinion. The way you cross your arms will reveal your main character traits.

Body language doesn’t lie: how to identify your strengths by the way you cross your arms

You cross your arms so that the left is on top.

In your case, body language suggests that you often rely on intuition. You know how to listen to your inner voice, and it often turns out to be right. You guess the thoughts of other people before they say something. But you also have a desire to realize creative ideas.

You know how to think differently than most people. Thanks to this, you will quickly learn about all the pitfalls of a particular situation. In personal relationships, everything is cloudless, but this is due to your warmth and understanding. You develop harmonious relationships with your soulmate, as well as with friends.

When you cross your arms, the right hand is on top.

Your posture shows that you are a realist. You think that you should not act rashly, but also do not follow your feelings. Before you do anything, you think over the situation several times. Although you are a real pragmatist, this does not prevent you from treating everything with humor.

Your jokes are always right on target. If someone around is lying, then you immediately feel it. As for personal relationships, you are used to being persistent and always achieving what you want.

You cross your arms so that you can see both the left and right hand

Definitely, you know how to achieve your goals. Your leadership qualities are shown to the fullest. You can manage people, but you do it right, inspiring their trust. People around you know that the decisions you make are always the right ones.

Another quality of yours is honesty. You are not used to understatement, but strive to always say what you think. Your openness is appreciated by others, for which they respect you. In relationships, you show leadership qualities, but at the same time are very loyal.

There is another type of crossed hands, in which not a single hand is visible.

This posture is less common. If you belong to this category, then this indicates your isolation. You prefer to lead a life in which there is no place for unrest. At the same time, you strive to help those who need it.

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