Man gives last-ditch effort to save the street dog

God bless you, man. Praying for the little doggy.

Although you may have seen photographs of rescued animals, you have probably never seen a dog in such a dire predicament. Khaleesi was found to be completely made up of skin and bones, lacking any fur, or scabies, and to have severe malnutrition. Her eyes were so desperate that she seemed like she would pass out at any second.

Thankfully, a helpful bystander informed the Bulgarian Rudozem street dog rescue squad about the predicament. As the heroes started to work, they found that the puppy was severely undernourished, writhing in pain, and in danger of passing out.

They are unable to believe what they are seeing and are committed to doing whatever it takes to save her. She has been mentally and physically harmed by the dog’s existence as a wanderer. Although she is unable to complete the task alone, she always makes a sincere effort. Khaleesi’s intense yearning to live brings everyone to tears.

She faces a long road ahead of her because her therapy is so challenging, whether she survives the first evening or not. After establishing a little bit of unity, they had the choice of giving Khaleesi her most memorable shower. Thankfully, she conquered illness and slowly became well.

Khaleesi has undergone a number of surgeries, vaccinations, and leg casts, yet she has never wavered in her strength or fortitude.

Khaleesi is more content than ever since she is becoming more and more like a typical dog. She resumed eating regularly, and her hair has recovered as well. She has a charming white and brown coat, and her grin is contagious!

Though it has been a difficult journey, Khaleesi is still revered by her followers. Her change will surely make you cry. I’m so delighted she made a full recovery and is now a loving, healthy dog.

Knowing that she has healed thanks to the love and attention she received and is now a happy, healthy girl brings me such joy!

I appreciate you saving this puppy! He is very lovely and unique!

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