The adorable puppy works as a delivery girl and raises money for 160 other animals

Any’s photographs immediately became a web sensation.

All of the people who have heard the story of a wonderful dog in Mexico who works as a vegetarian enthusiast food delivery person to aid her companions at the animal-safe home to which she has a place have fallen in love with her.

Any is a dog from the Garritas Guerreras animal sanctuary, which has built a name by distributing food on the streets of her city to raise money.

Any carries “Amvorguesas” in her “Doggie Eats” bag, much like a conveyance person would in any application.

Mexico has long been recognized to have one of the highest percentages of homeless dogs in Latin America, and this number has increased as a result of the flare-up.

As a result, players are looking for strategies to help these animals, whether through salvaging or really robust placement.

Sadly, the havens’ efforts have fallen short, and they are becoming less and less able to assist the hazy people which may be inferred from the lack of financial resources.

One of the persons who has been contacted is Garritas Guerreras, but thankfully Any is a resident of this shelter and is ready to assist her siblings.

Any is one of the 160 animals held at the sanctuary, but due to a lack of resources, the board has been forced to come up with solutions.

The sanctuary has thus concentrated on selling vegetarian cuisines like burgers, fries, and improved water in order to generate enough revenue.

The magical delivery dog is always accompanied by her handler, but she is aware that it is her responsibility to make sure the package is delivered on time.

On a Facebook post, a sanctuary employee wrote: “Hello friends, this lomiredistributor is now operational… She brings the usual croquette to the shelter to demonstrate her support for the 160 animals who reside there.

There are vegetarian amvorguesas, snacks, and beet water with lemon flavor available. Support local groups in your area.

Virtual entertainment caused Any’s pictures to become viral on the internet, and the dog in question always showed up in front of the cameras to show off her skills.

Any has amassed such a sizable online fan base that she presently has an Instagram account with a sizable following from all corners of the globe.

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