The family found their dog after being lost for 45 days in Brazil

They spent 45 days without seeing each other until they met again.

The need to treat animals with respect and, when they are our pets, as members of the family, is something that must be emphasized until the entire world realizes it. It is essential to provide for them as much as possible and to express your affection for them. They certainly do a lot more for all of us. Just like this Brazilian family from Sao Paulo, who spent a long time looking for their dog Pandora after she got lost in the city’s streets.

She must have managed to get away from her since her caregiver Reinaldo Junior started searching everywhere for her after 45 days. It was a very touching moment because everyone was crying with joy because they could now finally relax and ensure their safety. «Our motivation throughout this entire process has been perseverance.

We never gave up because we had faith and optimism that we would discover Pandora. My daughter was located. No, there’s a lot to discuss. They discovered her. Now I’m at a loss for words,” said Reinaldo Junior. She was at Terminal 3 of the Guarulhos International Airport when she was discovered. where a coworker noticed her, recognized her, and got in touch with the waiter’s mother.

She was then transported in a vehicle to her home, where she would meet her caregiver. After giving her a few long hugs, she was escorted to a veterinarian clinic for routine checkups and to ensure her overall health. Pandora was dirty, had lost weight, and was physically extremely weak as a result of spending 45 days on the streets.

It should be emphasized that he lost her during a flight connection when he was carrying her in a dog crate, but he never gave up looking for her. Undoubtedly, this man was in a very stressful situation at the time.

Frustrated, he wanted to know where her dog was, and fortunately, his posts on his social media networks reached a large audience. This man deserves all the praise for everything up to the moment this coworker discovered him and chose to bring him back to his beloved owner. Hope Pandora and her caregiver don’t become separated once more. It had an effect on both of them, demonstrating their deep love for one another and their status as a family rather than just pet owners.

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