The little kangaroo enjoys being around people and occasionally exhibits dog-like behavior

A young female kangaroo was left alone by her mother. Thankfully, kind individuals looked after her and assisted her in adjusting to being among humans. She cannot, however, go back to the wild.
Adopted by an Australian girl. Richelle referred to her as Luna. She looks after her numerous animals while living on a modest farm.
Every three hours, she feeds the infant and lavishes love on her. She acknowledges that she becomes pampered.

She is intelligent and nimble in adjusting to new situations.
Dog named Indy is her closest pal. Because of this, she occasionally mimics and exhibits dog behavior when she sleeps with and cuddles with the owner.

She hopes to be able to go back to her original environment. As a result, she brings her to a nearby wildlife preserve where she may play with her kin and learn to meet people of her type.
She enjoys a contented life full of affection.

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