The loyal K9 dog decided to turn a professional photo shoot into an opportunity to give warm kisses to his partner

Levi Knatch, a conservation officer, recently posed for a professional photograph with K-9 Kenobi, his amazing and devoted dog.

But as his mood indicated, the dog opted to use it as a serious occasion for some cuddly cuddles rather than acting professionally.

When their images surfaced online, they quickly became popular. There were several images of a loving and gentle dog kissing its lover.

Of course, we don’t believe anybody can truly be held accountable for Knach, who eventually lost his patience and began to smile.

It would be tough to maintain a straight face when receiving such tender embraces, wouldn’t it?

The first thing you want to say when you see them is that they are in genuine love.

On your displays, you may see a DNR officer and his devoted dog.

The rest of the time, when Kenobi isn’t kissing his partner, they are traveling together to apprehend criminals and save lives.

According to DNR Corporal Rodney Clear, “They have been trained for a very long time to discover missing people, look into criminal activity, and detect numerous wildlife law enforcement scenarios.”

These two unquestionably understand the complexities of working together and flawlessly do any task given to them, but they also made sure to grin warmly at us during the process.

A successful working relationship is based on this.

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