The polar bear is so attracted to her human dad that she even purrs when he’s near (video)

This couple still has a very good relationship.

The relationship between farm animals and their owners is typically close. But this is entirely out of character. This dude is as similar to the polar bear as they come.

Polar bears weigh between 1,500 and 1,000 pounds, depending on whether they are males or females. Nonetheless, Agee the polar bear and Mark Dumas have been a wonderful couple for 18 years. Mark trains animals to appear in movies.

When he once sought to locate a polar bear, Agee came to his attention. Agee was brought up in a zoo when she was just eight weeks old.

Ten additional cubs were born to this polar bear’s mother, who was unable to take care of them all. Mark decided to prepare him for the film. And he was effective in doing that. After then, the unusual bond between them persisted.

Mark admitted to Animal Planet that while he was only performing his duties, he grew really close to her. Mark had his concerns, but he was confident Agee loved him.

But, Agee’s wife, Dawn, told Animal Planet that she is positive that Agee also loves him. Agee, as they say, has a temper when Mark is preoccupied with someone else.

This pair is still very happily married today. Agee, according to Mark, never made him feel unsafe. When it approaches Mark, this polar bear begins to purr.

She is at ease with him, which is why. They are interdependent and cannot be separated. She’s an animal, but Mark loves her, therefore she must love him too.

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