This couple finds kitty alone waiting on the side of the road, they are not able to leave him behind

“Kiss is a particularly smart, lovely, and cuddly cat.”

While on the road to Elafonissi, Crete, Greece, Olivia, and her companion encountered something unusual not far from Kissamos. When they passed a row of olive trees, a little mass of orange caught their attention.

“Look, there’s a small cat,” my accomplice exclaimed. He was about a month old and sitting around, so little,” recalled Olivia. Simply put, the tiny cat was pretty malnourished and covered with insects.

He immediately stomped the couple’s feet while being friendly and gushing with them. “He let me get him because he presumably knew we would help him,” I said. The kittening was not in excellent shape and lacked a home.

The couple decided to look after him since they couldn’t face the thought of him having to defend himself outside. After the town he was perceived to be in, they gave the young boy the name Kissamos.

The young boy with the black stripes had suddenly crept into their hearts. “He was very brave with everything as we rushed him to the veterinarian. He was extremely cozy all throughout, continuously close by, and napped on top of us.”

Kiss was thrilled to be in the embrace of his family and to be off the streets. He was unquestionably clean, and his stomach was finally filled.

The pair had the choice to locate Tina, a local creature hero, who offered to raise him until they returned from their trip.

He missed us so much when we returned to fetch him that he slept on my chest the whole time we were traveling back. He was anxious about the prospect of us abandoning him.

After doing a little exploring about his new house, Kiss felt just at home and as though he had always been a member of the family. “He enjoyed playing, eating, and sleeping while being aware that he was in his eternal home.”

“He routinely lies down with me now. He rolls his eyes, sighs, and kisses me. He has also gained a lot of weight and is becoming bigger,” Olivia said.

The pair have had a great deal of pleasure from Kiss, and his loud moans have filled their home. “We decided to adopt one more cat from the Crete hero since we could see he loved us so much.”

Tina received updates from Olivia about their desire to rescue one more kitten from the streets of Crete. She came upon a picture of Bali, a gorgeous white cat, and fell in love instantly.

They knew they couldn’t separate Bali and Ela when they learned that Ela was Bali’s sister. “It was madly, deeply in love. The two of them were eventually transported home by us. We could not give up one.”

They recently moved closer to their loving home. After a few protracted times of introduction, Kiss grew used to his new feline-like sisters.

Ela is following in Bali’s footsteps by beginning to enjoy the playful, dark-striped cat on a deeper level.

The sisters participate in the activities of their younger sibling, and Kiss is thrilled to have a large family and realizes that he will never be apart from everyone.

As the couple returned from their excursion, they had a cat in their arms who roused them to embrace two more. Kiss is a gorgeous, intelligent, and loving cat. We adore him with all of our hearts.

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