Unusual egg-shaped museum in Dubai: attractive in form, striking in content

We are not used to the fact that a museum can cause a storm of delight and emotions! The Museum of the Future in Dubai is built in such an unusual way that it is impossible not to pay attention to it – futuristic forms seem to take us to the distant future.

The exterior of the museum

A futuristic egg-shaped building with a hole now stands in the heart of Dubai city. There is not a single window in the building, so not all passers-by realize that this is a museum, many people think that this is just a strange sculpture. But in fact, this is a seven-story building, on each floor of which there is a separate exposition dedicated to a specific topic.


On the lower floor, there is an exposition called “Future Heroes”. As you might guess, it is intended for the youngest visitors of the museum – the exhibition should arouse their interest in science.

The museum has an exhibition dedicated to space travel – an entire floor is furnished like a spaceship in which visitors can “act out their own story.” It is this exhibition that attracts the most attention because they tried to recreate the entire entourage as authentically as possible in order to impress visitors even more.

In a contrast, the next floor repeats the tropical jungle in detail. It is amazing that in the very heart of the metropolis you can feel completely cut off from civilization and enjoy the wild nature.

The next exposition is called “Al-Waha”, and it is dedicated to the knowledge of oneself and the world around. There is a relaxing atmosphere here that will help you meditate and dive into yourself.

The museum also has an exhibition “Tomorrow Today” dedicated to modern problems in the field of technology – every day people have more and more needs, and new questions should be answered – this exhibition is designed to answer all, even the most strange questions.

Lecture hall

Of course, this museum is supposed to hold lectures and seminars on modern science. The museum is equipped with the latest technology, which will allow you to demonstrate the material as clearly as possible. According to the lucky ones who have already visited this museum for a lecture, the halls are really comfortable and quite spacious – the size of the audience varies from 350 to 1000 seats.

The museum was opened recently – in February 2022 but has already become a full-fledged attraction that everyone is discussing. Of course, most people pay attention to it because of its external form, but soon, having visited all the exhibitions, they can only talk about its content, it is so impressive!

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