When the family learned they were expecting a second child, they donated their pet to a shelter! (video)

When a pet is abandoned after spending years with the same family, they feel unfairness and hatred. A pit bull named Stormy had two joyful years with his family before ending up in a shelter. 

The dog’s owners made the decision to make some room in the house when they learned they would be having a child—the fifth in a row. Additionally, their family pet, known to them as Freshy, was forced to leave the property.

The dog thought his family would return to get him and take him home, where he would grow up with the owners’ kids. Stormy felt anxious. The dog waited for a miracle as it sat dejectedly in the corner. 

One day, Guerrini, a woman, went to see him after seeing his profile on the Brooklyn Orphanage website. It turns out that Stormy had been placed on the list for euthanasia due to the shelter being overcrowded and a lack of funding. On the scheduled day for the euthanasia treatment, Guerrini and his son brought Stormi to their residence. 

When Stormi first met Gerrani and her son, she was overjoyed. He joyously wagged his tail in the understanding of what was taking place. 

Watch a heartwarming video of Stormi getting to know his new family here!


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